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It’s more than a rave, it’s a movement.

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‘The Gloryville Effect’ is our way of taking positive action when the world needs it the most. It’s about taking matters that deeply hurt us into our own hands. It’s about inspiring grassroots movements and every-day people to lead the way. We are raising funds to help us visit refugee camps, divided communities and poverty-stricken areas FOR FREE. We will spread smiles, cuddles, play, moments of joy, transformation and hope. #thegloryvilleeffect

We are partnering with reputable and experienced charities like Peace Direct and Love Support Unite who already have a lot of experience on the ground, so we approach the charitable element of our work in a sensitive and helpful ways.

How Can You Help?

  • Introduce us. From begging your workplace to organise a rave for you and your colleagues, to connecting us with influential people with a big reach, or putting us in touch with charities we can work alongside.
  • Share on social media. Join The Gloryville Effect group and share our missions with your friends, family, community and network
  • If you are a company – please see our corporate page.
  • If you are engaged – have a Morning Gloryville Wedding!

Thank You All!

We raised enough through our initial campaign on Indiegogo (thank you everyone!) for The Gloryville Effect to start planning for and get going in 2017.


Morning Gloryville has been in 15 countries around the world already. What is different about The Gloryville Effect?
We have held events across different continents around the world but these have been as paid-for events and are usually in major cities (Barcelona, Berlin etc.). The Gloryville Effect is about reaching those corners of the world that we haven’t before – people who really need uplifting, whether that’s a prison in Zimbabwe or an orphanage in Jordan.
What exactly do you think that Morning Gloryville can offer these communities that are in need?
Morning Gloryville is about coming together and using music and dance as a form of enlightenment and way of uplifting the soul, without the need for drink and drugs. We are not suggesting for one moment that we can solve the world’s problems, but what we can do is bring the movement that has benefited so many people here in the UK to those who could benefit from it more than anybody else. What we can do is uplift, inspire and support both emotionally and spiritually.
Why does Morning Gloryville need to raise money to do this?
Morning Gloryville is very much a young and small enterprise, we’ve been very lucky to have huge success in a short time, but as a business we are self-sustaining and need help if we are to reach those who are in need and offer them our service free of charge. Fundamental to these Morning Gloryville parties remaining authentic, accessible, inclusive and positive for everyone is that we are sober. We are proud holders of the Zero Alcohol Initiatives Award. Our zero-policy on alcohol-sales negates a huge revenue stream on which many events depend upon, which means that money is always tight. This is why we need to look at a different revenue streams to keep our independence.
What will the funds be spent on?
These funds will allow us to activate a new arm of operations which will start gifting ‘The Gloryville Effect’ experiences around the world. The project will be led by Sam, the founder of Morning Gloryville, which started from nothing and with just £30,000 investment grew into what we are today. We’re putting together a world-class team with a cross-section of skills ranging from from yoga, massage, dance and healing through to project management and logistics to make sure we can run our international projects. We pledge to use the funding in the most ‘waste not, want not’ fashion – such as travel as ethically and sustainably as possible and update you all along the way of our journey. We will bring in an operations manager to advise what equipment is needed from sustenance to a portable sound system to a tour bus.
Where exactly will Morning Gloryville visit as part of the project?
We’re continuing to work with charities including Peace Direct, Love Specs and Love Support Unite on identifying communities that need our help the most, but Africa starting in Malawi will certainly be our first port of call. Our founder has a close personal relationship with Zimbabwe, and once went to a prison on Christmas Day to feed the prisoners who would have otherwise starved. We would love to visit them and share with them the experience that is Morning Gloryville.

Other countries that we’d like to introduce to Morning Gloryville and have been in talk with on-the-ground organisations about including Jordan, Israel and Palestine, Serbia and Egypt. Each has its own problems and ways we can help, but for each we will create a unique experience that offers some form of relief to its community – and we intend on making our trip there as sustainable as possible, whether that’s leaving behind tools and materials it can use in our wake, or teach them something that will tangibly benefit their life.

The mission of The Gloryville Effect is however endless and we’ll continue to work with charities to identify communities that can most benefit.


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