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How to run a Permaculture Farm

We’ve partnered with the amazing Three Pools Permaculture Farm, a 141 acre farm in South Wales, to bring you an exciting festival style experience.

MOVED TO: 25th – 28th September 2020. Arrive 16:00 on Friday, leave midday on Monday

An all-inclusive, intimate educational and fun festival experience for 60 guests

Festival & Education Experience

Three Pools is leading the transition to a new agricultural system, using the most innovative sustainable farming techniques available. Inspired by Permaculture design, the farming system is being converted to balance high-quality food production with a beautiful landscape in harmony with nature. 

Together we have curated a fun festival, that will teach you these amazing farming techniques, mixed in with Morning Gloryville’s signature playful, music & dance party vibes. There will be yoga wake up experiences on Saturday and Sunday morning to start the day on a high. Followed by breakfast all together, and then onto either educational farming workshops or mindfulness nature adventures.

Farming Workshops:

There are a number of permaculture-based workshops to choose from:

Hedge laying (4 hours), Kombucha & Fermentation (2 hours), Birch Tapping (2 hours), Composting (2 hours), Green Wood Carpentry (2 hours), Water Systems (2 hours).

Livestock – we can check the livestock every morning on the morning walk of the land. This is something that needs doing every day, at first light. 

Evening Fun Times:

Friday – Opening Ceremony – Singing Fire Circle.

Saturday – Live music – Dancing, “Nature’s Celebration.” 

Sunday – Cacao ceremony with Deya.

Accommodation – Sharing Bell Tents:

We have a sixteen strong bell tent fleet nestled in a wooded corner of the farm, with bespoke compost toilets and hot showers. 

The bell tents are offered as part of the festival, allowing guests to arrive with minimal luggage and fully immerse themselves in the surrounding countryside.

All of our bell tents come fully furnished with; mattresses, bedding, tables, rugs and lights. 

The bell tents can sleep up to 4 people. We will be out in nature, back to our roots, and living as a tribe. Either book as a 4, or we will assign you to a tent and introduce you to your sleeping buddies before the experience.

Food & Drinks:

This is a fully catered event for the entire weekend. All Vegan & Plant based deliciousness.

Friday – Arrival meal at 20:00
Saturday – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 
Sunday – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 
Monday – Brunch

Teas and coffee will be available with breakfast 

In addition : If you’d like to try the local produce, there will be a bar selling: 

Botanical drinks. Options such as, kombucha, kefir, herbal teas, coffee, and cocoa.

£50 non-refundable deposits available now for tickets.

All inclusive tickets Fri-Mon (events, workshops, furnished bell-tent camping, food and drinks):

Limited Earlybird Tickets – £300
General Tickets – £400

We will be providing transport information options prior to the event.

Tickets / Deposits available here

More about Three Pools:

Three Pools
Llanvetherine Court

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