Morning Gloryville


Amsterdam mornings will never be the same! We’re on a soul-shaking mission to turn clubbing upside down and transform Amsterdam city mornings into something truly remarkable. Everyone young or old, yogi or raver is invited! Mornings are for waking up, and shaking it up. An event that runs every few months, it combines dancing with yoga, massage, superfoods and coffee. 

Past Performers

DJ Jesse Green –

Joyce Mercedes –

Freddie Glitch –

Mees Dierdorp –

Cliff de Zoete –

Hero de Janeiro –

Esta Polyesta –

Arjen de Graaf – Electronic Guitarist –

Mira Gleisberg – Fluxo-acrobatics –

Tomas BeatUnique -Percussionist –

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Glory Agents

Sarah-Jane Thriepland

To give the world just a little more glitter.


I can speak Bahasa Indonesian because I used to live there when I was little from 8-16

Hot Tip:

My personal motto is more an action, I always think: is this something I'm going to remember when I'm sitting on my sofa at (hopefully) 80. If yes, then I'll usually go for it!!


Special Thanks

We're nothing without our team, give them a hug!

Agata Bar - Production manager, Jess Perri - Social Media Guru, Becky Elliot - Events Assistant & flyer design, Harri Frost - general support & help,


Today I rise, a little inspiration for the women-folk this Tuesday <3

2 hours ago

Morning Gloryville

We're Live Wearefstvl 2017 ... See MoreSee Less

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need a better cam bud

OMG love to be there

Looking forward to the birthday party 💚🌞🎶💃

17 hours ago

Morning Gloryville

@wearefstvl you spin us right round baby right round and we can not wait to open your festival in our sensational sober style! 10.30am we'll be in that stage giving it all we got! #excitedkids #excited #cantwait #morninggloryville #heathyliving #soberraver #fun #love #peace ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

Morning Gloryville

Gratitude dance - 900 tickets gone for our 4th birthday party! Happy Friday, thank you, we love you.
Last few here:
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Jenny Bousfield I know we've done MGV but 4th birthday party! Wanna go?

Had to shoot off! Love you all so much. Have a gorgeous weekend and see next week! X 💕✨

Go girl!!!!! Smiling big right now!!!

You radiate awesomeness!! ;)

Party!! :D

Love Groove Armada! <3

Lose yourself ❤️



My son just said you are Awesome and I feel the same ❤❤❤

Victory dance! Yes in the sun ❤️❤️💕🙏🏼🕉🙏🏼💕💕

💃🕺💃 Sam you are awesome

Charli Blanco

Stuart Mackenzie

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