Morning Gloryville


"Rave Your Team Into The Day"

Morning Gloryville is a social movement and a morning dance experience that has taken the world by storm.

Over the past 6 years we have pioneered a global industry now known as conscious clubbing, grown our reach to 300,000 and won several awards for best zero-alcohol initiatives.

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Looking for our MicroRaves?

Watch this! Make your clients, staff and even competitors RAVE about your company by sending them their own MICRORAVE.

It's an office take-over for 20 minutes. Unicorn. Boombox. Bubbles. The conga. The most awesome vibe. The perfect Xmas pick-me-up.


Does your brand align with the MGValues of community, wellbeing, playfulness, transformation and sustainability?

Have you identified wellness and mental wellbeing as key drivers for your staff happiness and productivity?

Would you like a full rave at an amazing venue, or a micro-rave at your workplace - maybe a wellness workshop, a Christmas party or a morning rave to reward and stimulate your team?

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