Morning Gloryville


Morning Gloryville Barcelona es una “before party” con mucho baile, top djs, desayunos, arte, yoga y masajes en Barcelona para coger energía para tu día!


No hay como empezar el día con música electrizante, un baile deshinibidor, riquísimos desayunos y masajes para ayudar a despertarse antes de irse a trabajar! Y todo con mucho estilo, pijamas, trajes de chaqueta, carteras de trabajo y purpurina !!!

Al llegar, los “Angeles de la mañana” os darán la bienvenida. ¿Quieres un café doble o un zumo natural? Necesitas un masajito en la espalda o quieres que te metamos la cabeza en hielo? Una Shirshasan o una Trikonasan? Cada uno de nosotros tenemos nuestra propia manera de levantarnos. En Morning Gloryville Barcelona hemos reunido a una tropa para atender todas tus necesidades mañaneras y sorprenderte con algunas más !

Hemos subvertido la idea de clubbing y la cultura de la gimnasia mañanera creando una rave matinal explosiva y saludable !!!
Integración de Familias de todas las edades en las actividades & Abuelos Friendly

Oídos de los bebés y niños hasta 6 años: Si traes a un niño hasta esta edad, por favor asegúrate de que traes unos cascos de música para él. Menores de 10 años, entrada gratuita. Tenemos guardarropas.

Gracias y aquí estamos deseando conoceros a todos lúcidos y llenos de vida a primera hora de la mañana. Menudo tarde de domingo os espera después de esto… avisamos!! Yeahhh 😉

~ Babies Ears: if you’re bringing a young un’ please make sure they have ear defenders/protectors on at our raves. Kids under 10, free entrance. There is cloakroom.

Thank you and look forward to seeing y’all bright and breezy soon!

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Glory Agents

Charela Díaz

Kindness, Quality Time, Beauty. Lucidity to create our best self.


A Pantone Colour Chart is always in my handbag.

Hot Tip:

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I'll meet you there". Rumi


Special Thanks

We're nothing without our team, give them a hug!

LAST EDITIONS DJ'S: ▲ Paul Loraine▲  ▲ Va de Retro▲  ▲ Peter Pons▲  ▲ Bruce Lee-Discos Paradiso▲  ▲ Cap Cao.▲  _______________________ MASSAGE THERAPISTS: ▲Vibeke Marstrand▲  ▲Valle Villaécija▲  ▲Audrey Corège▲  ▲Elisabet-ilan Sánchez Abella▲ ▲Jesús Esteban▲  ____________________ GUEST ARTISTS: ▲Siscu Delgado▲  ▲Sonia Gómez▲  _______________________________ PHOTOGRAPHY: ▲ Janira Muñoz▲  ▲ Lau Lau - Laura Burbaite▲  ____________________________________ BREAKFAST: ▲ Zuckerhause ▲  ▲ Nomad Coffee ▲  ▲ Satan's Coffee Corner▲  _______________________________________ Also Thanks to: ▲ Iris Piñol Escardibull ▲  ▲ Manu Ripollés Orovitg▲  ▲ Gabriela Guaimare Olivo▲ 


Tant si aneu de festi com si us quedeu a la city.... Feu un cap de setmana rodó! ;) #mgbcn #bRave

2 weeks ago

Tim Eiko Neunzig

When is the next party? ... See MoreSee Less

6 months ago

Ric Ali

When ist the next One ? :)) ... See MoreSee Less

Do you like wearing glitter? Do you like having fun and being fabulous? Being a Tantricorn in this spiritual community I am often judged by the way I look. I come from a very different world... the Burning Man world. A community where Mermaids and Unicorns exist and everyone is an embodiment of their own mythical selves.

That was my life for many years but since giving up drinking and drugs and leaving the hedonistic Burning world behind I was lost for a very long time. Intuitively I found spiritually and tantra. The tools provided on this tantric path cured me of all my life threatening illnesses caused by addiction, depression and loneliness.

Now I'm a Tantricorn and a fully recovered addict as I know how to get high naturally. I no longer suffer from depression as I've learnt how to be present and loneliness isn't even a thing as I found the

Now I travel the world empowering men and women with these tools for deeper connection and deeper self love with my one to one sessions, coaching programs and my workshop. I love my new abundant healthier life style. I call it Sustainable Sacred Hedonism.

But I am a unicorn out of place... people fear what they don't understand and this has been coming up of late. Here is a video I would like to share about judgement and how it can affect sparkly shiny people.

Morning Gloryville is the cross over for the conscious and sparkly folk. Your work is needed more than ever in this world. You have created a safe place for magical people who live and love in both worlds; festival and spiritual and conscious!

How are people who believe in radical self expression meant to act? Isn't all this work we are doing all about freedom and love and embodying it inside and out? Are we allowed to be comfortable in our own glowing skin? Can we dress for our soul and not for society?

Please do watch, share and enjoy if this resonates with you.
I Thank you.
#spreadthesparkleMORE EPISODES: A DIARY OF A TANTRICORN: Season 1 A DIARY OF A TANTRICORN: Season 2 h...
... See MoreSee Less

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