Morning Gloryville


Friday February 10, 2017
06:30 - 10:30am


Sponsored by Florette

Sponsored by Florette

Are you in love with freshness? Well this is the sober morning party for you! Come and immerse yourself in music, theatrics, movement and salad! 🙂

As seen on BBC, CNN, and NBC, Morning Gloryville is the pioneering experience that brought the sober dance movement to the world stage. In this edition, the original team, in partnership with Florette, are flying over from London to bring you an unforgettable, refreshing experience that will tantalise all your senses.

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Costume Inspiration:

Vegetables, Salad, Farmers, Straw Hats, Butterflies and Birds

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What You Get

Food and Juice

Where We're At

STATION-Berlin. Luckenwalder Str. 4 - 6, 10963 Berlin, Germany


Glory Agents

Gideon & Jonas

Make dance floors social again


Room- and soulmates.

Hot Tip:

Forget your fears.


Guys, tonight from 18:00 - 20:00 o'clock our friends from Sober Sensation are organizing this beautiful Event...

2 weeks ago

Tim Eiko Neunzig

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6 months ago

Ric Ali

When ist the next One ? :)) ... See MoreSee Less

Do you like wearing glitter? Do you like having fun and being fabulous? Being a Tantricorn in this spiritual community I am often judged by the way I look. I come from a very different world... the Burning Man world. A community where Mermaids and Unicorns exist and everyone is an embodiment of their own mythical selves.

That was my life for many years but since giving up drinking and drugs and leaving the hedonistic Burning world behind I was lost for a very long time. Intuitively I found spiritually and tantra. The tools provided on this tantric path cured me of all my life threatening illnesses caused by addiction, depression and loneliness.

Now I'm a Tantricorn and a fully recovered addict as I know how to get high naturally. I no longer suffer from depression as I've learnt how to be present and loneliness isn't even a thing as I found the

Now I travel the world empowering men and women with these tools for deeper connection and deeper self love with my one to one sessions, coaching programs and my workshop. I love my new abundant healthier life style. I call it Sustainable Sacred Hedonism.

But I am a unicorn out of place... people fear what they don't understand and this has been coming up of late. Here is a video I would like to share about judgement and how it can affect sparkly shiny people.

Morning Gloryville is the cross over for the conscious and sparkly folk. Your work is needed more than ever in this world. You have created a safe place for magical people who live and love in both worlds; festival and spiritual and conscious!

How are people who believe in radical self expression meant to act? Isn't all this work we are doing all about freedom and love and embodying it inside and out? Are we allowed to be comfortable in our own glowing skin? Can we dress for our soul and not for society?

Please do watch, share and enjoy if this resonates with you.
I Thank you.
#spreadthesparkleMORE EPISODES: A DIARY OF A TANTRICORN: Season 1 A DIARY OF A TANTRICORN: Season 2 h...
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