Morning Gloryville

Sleepover & Morning Rave East London

Friday April 14, 2017
7pm (14th April) & 10am (15th April)

Annual Gloryville Sleepover and Morning Rave Vol.3

Welcome to the land of nod, a place where imagination knows no boundaries and the visionary in all of us is allowed to roam free. Step inside this larger than life exploration and celebration of the lucid land we drift to every night.

Imagine a playground for adults, ready to let their inner child out. We’ll begin with Shared Feasting + Shamanic Games from 7pm until 11pm.

For those of you who choose to sleepover, snuggle up with us for a sacred ceremony and bed-time stories from Londons top storytellers sending you softly to sleep.

As a Full Experience Sleepover guest, around for the whole journey, you will wake up to a Gong Bath, a Cacao Ceremony, and Partner Yoga.

Then a small new wave of fresh-eyed, bushy-tailed ravers will join us for a special Easter Saturday Morning Rave.

Finally, well form the largest cuddle puddle yet, with an hour long horizontal-squish for us all to melt into.

This event is a transformational retreat, full of fun. Dip in and dip out as you please.

Music | Craft Corner | Campfire-esque Entertainment | Cuddle Puddles | Human Massage Trains | Cacao Ceremony | Partner Yoga & Meditation | Gong Bath | Bed-time Stories | Laughter Yoga | Group Singing | Film | Easter Morning Rave | + more surprises

Pyjamas, Onesies, and Comfies.

Pillow + Sleeping bag
Sleeping Mats or Inflatable Beds
Cuddly Toys
Easter Eggs and Gifts to pass on

Shared feasting and Shamanic Games £20 (7pm till 11pm)
Full Experience Sleepover £60 (7pm till 3pm)
Easter Saturday Morning Rave £20 (10am till 3pm)

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What You Get

Free Hugs
Our team will be on hand to give you free hugs on demand!
Wake-up Angels
The Salon Collective
Free Wake-Up Massage Station
Superfood Smoothie Bar
Organic Coffee Kiosk
Motivational Dance Team
Fabulus of Unicorns
It doesn't get any more fab than this!
Banging Dance Floor
Our Super DJs
We guarantee to energise your morning!
Shamanic Games
Bedtime Stories

Where We're At

Oval Space, 29-32 The Oval, London E2 9DT

Oval Space in East London is our Gloryville HQ, the Mothership.

With a regular capacity of over 1,000 bRavers it is the original source for our Gloryville goodness and the inspiration for our global movement, as only London knows how.

We have wheelchair access in the goods elevator and a loo you can use.


Oval Space is easily accessible by bus and overground (Cambridge Heath Station) and is a 15min walk from Bethnal Green tube. There is *extremely* limited parking outside the venue.

Glory Agents

Tugba Tamer

That the trees to be listened to

Special Thanks

We're nothing without our team, give them a hug!

Charlene Davies, Grant Barnes, Rishy Buzz Inga, Jonty Finn, Elise Hockley, David Basak, Gemma Simmons, Radka Bailey, Sophie Williams, John Vagabond, , Daisy Rusby, Ivana Curic, Dr Aranyaka, Ian Salter, Clare Greenaway, Anthea Clarke, Sarah Tonin, Daniela Olds, Rosey Pendlebury, Sammy, Anthea Clarke, Miles Metric, LeeRoy, Alexandra, Jyotsna Ram, Natalie Mady, Eugenia Low, Miki Holloway, Lawrence O Conner, Sarah Sievers, Melanie Anne Ball, Andrew Haigh, Tammy Lee, Ivana Curic, Kasia Jokiel, Rhys Rose, Maya, Faith Downie, Stephanie Francois, Abbie Hantgan, Roos van Rossum, Anna Maloney, Charlotte Pulver, Alice Carder, Noemie Bottiau, Carys Lavin, Alistar Veryard, Rob, Pete, Emily Prince, Beatrice Tura, Guilia Canal, Monika Skoupa, Mina Miller, Zsofi Borderly, Jessica Smith, London Faerie, Lisa Fearon, Tara McGuiness, Karis McLaughlin, Mary Lomax, Lisa Feraon, Mada Rahman, James Farrimond, Anthony Goh, Laura Steel, Anais Lalange, Shaft Uddin, Jo Jackson, Sam Jones, Simon Cole, Jessica Todd, Adeline Burret, Kasia Ring, Anna Zant, Nwando Ebizie, Sam Bentley-Toon, Owen Demonick, Vanessa Pitt, Tegan Hecht


One day to go until our Crystal Bowl and movement session! We can't wait to start the day with self-love & community morningrituals.brownpapertick…

We are are delighted to announce the incredible Luzmira Zerpa of Family Atlantica guiding us in an extra special Dia de Los Muertos Ceremony at Morning Gloryville at Wahaca's Day of the Dead. Who will you devote your dance to?
Here she is in action, devoting this particular dance to cacao, turn up the volume and have a lil boogie! 😂😍😘 is taken from the new Family Atlantica album Cosmic Unity. Available now on Soundway Records. Available to buy here:
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2 days ago

Morning Gloryville

Happy Monday Peeps!
A reminder about the fabulously mindful, mindful pub crawl which is happening this Wednesday.
Soak up the last bit of summer we're being gifted, connect with like spirited folk while drinking some divine concoctions <3
Bottoms ups! 🍹🍹🍹

Mindful Pub Crawl with Club Soda and Morning GloryvilleOctober 18, 2017, 6:30pmStrongroom BarJoin Club Soda and Morning Gloryville for a #MindfulPubCrawl around Shoreditch and experience the best bars for mindful drinkers.

If you are looking to moderate your drinking, take a month off booze, go alcohol-free or just have a social night out that doesn’t end up with a dry mouth and a fuzzy head the next morning, then this is the event for you.

This Mindful Pub Crawl is fuelled by Nirvana, London’s first alcohol-free brewery. Their Tantra (0%) Pale Ale is behind the bar at The Strongroom, but tonight you will also get a taste of their Kosmic Stout (0%), Sutra IPA (0.5%) and Karma Pale Ale (0.5%). Their alcohol-free beers are vegan and much lower in calories than a full-strength beer – or even a cola.

We’ve picked the best pubs on the Club Soda Guide – “Good Places for Mindful Drinkers” – and will be joining like-minded people to make our way around Shoreditch, to the following venues:

The Strongroom Bar

One of the best venues on the guide (they score 5) you can be sure there is a drink for you to enjoy in casually cool surroundings. They stock Tantra Pale Ale from London’s Nirvana Brewery and Rothaus Tannezäpfle 0% beers, Dalston’s Lemonade and Ginger Beer, Real Kombucha, a range of Fentimans including Rose Lemonade and Franklin & Sons’ sodas.

The Book Club

Hipster heaven? We think so. Try their enticing new range of zero-proof cocktails including Turmeric Spritz, Beetroot Espresso Martini, Lavender Lemonade and Peach & Fennel Spritz alongside a straight-up Seedlip & tonic. We’ll be rating them to join the Club Soda Guide whilst we’re here!

The Draft House Old Street

One of the best alcohol-free venues in London, they always have a great range of low (under 3%) and no-alcohol beers including Brewdog’s Nanny State and home-grown, seasonal sodas from Hackney’s very own Square Root.

What’s a Mindful Pub Crawl?

A Mindful Pub Crawl is a pub crawl with a difference. Instead of boozing to excess, you’ll be sampling drinks a little less ordinary that are low or no alcohol. We’ve picked the pubs with the best and widest selection of drinks – so whatever your flavour preference, there’ll be something for you.

What do I get?

It is £5 to sign-up but you get your first drink free!

Who is this for?

Everyone! You might be doing a sober month, or starting a health kick, or maybe you just don’t drink alcohol – we’d love you to join us, even if you’re just a little curious. If you’re after a pub experience that’s a little different, the #MindfulPubCrawl is for you.
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Mindful Pub Crawl with Club Soda and Morning Gloryville
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