Morning Gloryville

London – East

Wednesday March 1, 2017
0630 am to 1030 am

Morning Gloryville East London~  (Episode#43)

Join us for our 43rd episode on Wednesday 1st March! ♥      

Thank you for dancing with us through all the good times and being beacons of support during the challenging ones. It really has been a RAVEOLUTIONARY + EVOLUTIONARY journey. Thank you to all the people who’ve worked to make this spectacle a true magic roundabout! Thank you to all the performers that have mesmerised us with sound, theatrics, dance moves and shindiggery. Thank you to you all for bringing your loving, crazy, playful, witty and wacky selves to us each month. Thank you thank you thank you. Massive round of applause all round! Nailed it. 🙂

Our vision is a happier, healthier and more glittery world. And just so you know our unicorns actually found biodegradeable to share with you all.

What we offer:

– Music and Dance
– Massage  > hosted by Massaura Bliss – Holistic Therapies
– Yoga Sessions
– Cacao > Oh Wow Cacao
-Coffee > Coffee Space
– Superfood and Juices Supernatural Juice & Smoothie Bar



Bring in the new year with a powerhouse of talented, powerful, beautiful, sassy women. ❤️

Dance & Performance & Hugs
The salon:collective
The Fabulus of Unicorns
It’s Happening
Hula Hoopin tricks

Free Biodegradable *Glitter* from Glitterlution Biodegradable Glitter

And of course our signature pumpin’ dance-floor!
What do when you are not dancing:
– Take part in yoga sessions
– Relax in our outdoor terrace with a great view
– Indulge in our healthy selection of nibbles
– Melt into a cuddle puddle or a hug by our Wake Up Angels
– Sign up with one of masseures

GUARANTEED to nourish your SOUL, release your body and open your heart & mind.

Arrive and leave any time between 6.30am and 10.30am. This is not a class. If it is, then we are all teachers and all students.

Fatboy Slim Spreading The Love


Basement Jaxx Raising The Energy


Morning Gloryville London Doco

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What You Get

Free Hugs
Our team will be on hand to give you free hugs on demand!
Wake-up Angels
The Salon Collective
Free Wake-Up Massage Station
Superfood Smoothie Bar
Organic Coffee Kiosk
Motivational Dance Team
Fabulus of Unicorns
It doesn't get any more fab than this!
Banging Dance Floor
Our Super DJs
We guarantee to energise your morning!

Where We're At

Oval Space, 29-32 The Oval, London E2 9DT

Oval Space in East London is our Gloryville HQ, the Mothership.

With a regular capacity of over 1,000 bRavers it is the original source for our Gloryville goodness and the inspiration for our global movement, as only London knows how.

We have wheelchair access in the goods elevator and a loo you can use.


Oval Space is easily accessible by bus and overground (Cambridge Heath Station) and is a 15min walk from Bethnal Green tube. There is *extremely* limited parking outside the venue.

Glory Agents

Tugba Tamer

That the trees to be listened to

Special Thanks

We're nothing without our team, give them a hug!

Charlene Davies, Grant Barnes, Rishy Buzz Inga, Jonty Finn, Elise Hockley, David Basak, Gemma Simmons, Radka Bailey, Sophie Williams, John Vagabond, , Daisy Rusby, Ivana Curic, Dr Aranyaka, Ian Salter, Clare Greenaway, Anthea Clarke, Sarah Tonin, Daniela Olds, Rosey Pendlebury, Sammy, Anthea Clarke, Miles Metric, LeeRoy, Alexandra, Jyotsna Ram, Natalie Mady, Eugenia Low, Miki Holloway, Lawrence O Conner, Sarah Sievers, Melanie Anne Ball, Andrew Haigh, Tammy Lee, Ivana Curic, Kasia Jokiel, Rhys Rose, Maya, Faith Downie, Stephanie Francois, Abbie Hantgan, Roos van Rossum, Anna Maloney, Charlotte Pulver, Alice Carder, Noemie Bottiau, Carys Lavin, Alistar Veryard, Rob, Pete, Emily Prince, Beatrice Tura, Guilia Canal, Monika Skoupa, Mina Miller, Zsofi Borderly, Jessica Smith, London Faerie, Lisa Fearon, Tara McGuiness, Karis McLaughlin, Mary Lomax, Lisa Feraon, Mada Rahman, James Farrimond, Anthony Goh, Laura Steel, Anais Lalange, Shaft Uddin, Jo Jackson, Sam Jones, Simon Cole, Jessica Todd, Adeline Burret, Kasia Ring, Anna Zant, Nwando Ebizie, Sam Bentley-Toon, Owen Demonick, Vanessa Pitt, Tegan Hecht


Today we #celebrate BOOBIES! Big, small, uncovered or hidden, #boobs are pretty great, right? Come and shake yours…

2 days ago

Alison Ryan

Hi, I have a ticket to sell for the 22nd September. Unfortunately I now can't go. Please pm me if you're interested. Thanks Alison ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

Morning Gloryville

Join us as we raise funds to train Peace Builders
Morning Gloryville have teamed up with Peace Direct to bring you a CHALLENGE to mark International Day of Peace on Thursday 21st September.
Peace Direct is an international charity dedicated to stopping wars, one person at a time. In conflict zones around the world, they support local people to stop violence and build long term peace.
We invite you to join us on a MISSION to raise the funds to train as many Peace Builders as possible.
Join us at Equinox with Morning Gloryville at The View from The Shard to learn more about their cause and help us to achieve our goal of at least THREE peace builders by the end of the event!
Let's do this:
... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

Belle Williams

Chan A Gulley?? ... See MoreSee Less

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