Morning Gloryville


Saturday May 18, 2019
10.00am - 7.00pm

MGV Soul Space – Day Festival

 Now THIS is something SPECIAL!


We bring you an amazing high-energy and deep diving mix of our renowned RAVE plus Yoga followed by Workshops, Food Market, Gong Bath, Drum Circles, Ecstatic Dance, Charity Events, Kids Area, Artists Market and evening entertainments and zero alcohol cocktail bar – in an fantastic INDOOR AND OUTDOOR venue right here in London – what could be better?!

Morning Gloryville presents a space to celebrate all that we love. This will be a RAVE and then some. We welcome you to a whole day’s SATURDAY FESTIVAL that will awaken the deepest most sacred elements of our soul.

We’ve aligned our festival with the FULL MOON, one of the most powerful energetic transformational moments of the year. Join us on the dance floor, and break bread with our ancestors as we “CHOOSE LOVE” with all of our being.

Everything about this day will be about LOVE. We’ll have all the usual features; plus a healing tent with universal practitioners, talks and workshops, ecstatic dance sessions, drum circles, a huge variety of food vendors, an artists market, musical performances, and a family fun creative zone.

  • The Rave is Inside and Outside, with a glorious garden full of fun activities.
  • Traditional Greek Cafe, ‘Gaia Pulses’ plus our high vibrational food market.
  • Special rooms with programmed workshops to go deep into the core of LOVE through yoga, meditation and sacred sciences.
  • Little ones welcome. We’ve set up a whole family creative zone with symbiotic learning workshops.
  • Fire performances and ceremony, in honour of the FULL MOON.
  • Ecstatic Dance, Gong Baths, Charity Events, Community Engagement, Support Station and more

We are promoting and activating Global community projects, partnering with a very special charity; called CHOOSE LOVE, help refugees.

This will be a community activation project like NEVER before. We will be inviting volunteers to donate not only much needed items for refugee camps, but we would also ask for some of your time to help us on site.

We will be hiring a container to park at the event and collect donations to send to a refugee camp in Greece.

It’s time for us all to roll up our sleeves and address the most important issues on this planet. We will introduce you to our charity partners, and while you are helping us, you will also be learning about the POSITIVE changes that are going on in the world around us.


We love to rave, but we also love to nourish our minds, bodies and spirits. This whole day will be a celebration of all that our community have learnt through our own personal journeys of self discovery.

Arrive and leave any time between 10.00am and 7pm.

Little ones welcome. Please bring ear defenders for 0-5s as they’ll not be permitted to enter the main dancefloor area. We will have a limited amount of defenders for hire as well as a good stock of foam earbuds.

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What You Get

Eco-glitter Transformation Station
Glitterlution Biodegradable Glitter✨
Free Hugs
Glory Wakeup Angels
Interactive Dance & Theatrics
Superfood Smoothie Bar
Tea & Coffee
Yummy Food All Day
Massage Station
Yoga & Wellness Zone
Wellness & Refreshments Zone
Support Station
Girl Next Door Books
Heal yourself happier at our support station
Superstar DJs
Banging Dancefloor

Where We're At

The Old Baths, 80 Eastway, London, E9 5JH


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