Morning Gloryville


Sunday November 17, 2019
10.00am - 3.00pm

Sunday Carnival Celebration

It’s time for sparkles, bright costumes, and pumping tunes as Morning Gloryville bring you an energetic celebration of music and dance for Carnival. This time we have an EXTRA HOUR of our Sunday magic from 10am to 3pm.

Star DJ Liv Knight, will be leading our intense rave experience, playing an exciting mix of tribal, afro, reggaeton, dancehall tunes, infused with a latino style to bring the heat. Some sounds you may recognise and others you may not, but that’s what makes the journey so much more fun!!!

We’ll be back at our fantastic venue, the Steelyard. We love this space, because you can dance wildly on the main floor, but there’s also a separate wellness space for yoga classes, and an upstairs room for our creative arts & crafts education centre, full of fun & youthful innocence and silliness.

In the wellness space, we are thrilled to offer you a master class of traditional “Brazilian forró”, a partner dance which will be led by Julia and Andy of Rumble festival. The dance session will be simple and fun; inviting connection through rhythm, guiding body movements that embrace sound, as we flow with our partners and learn this sensual dance.

This Sunday Session we are open from 10am – 3pm, so we’ll make sure to keep you nourished and energized with a range of delicious food & drink offerings:

  • Bwiti Bar lead by Alkalize Me, bringing their signature wholesome juice bar.
  • Senser Spirits will be back in the wellness zone offering plant based cocktails.
  • Tim Cook will be there with his super team offering vegan burgers and snacks.

Keep checking back for more exciting updates as we announce them!

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What You Get

Eco-glitter Transformation Station
Biodegradable Glitter✨
Free Hugs
Glory Wakeup Angels
Interactive Dance & Theatrics
Superfood Smoothie Bar
Tea & Coffee
Yummy Food All Day
Massage Station
Yoga & Wellness Zone
Wellness & Refreshments Zone
Support Station
Girl Next Door Books
Heal yourself happier at our support station
Superstar DJs
Banging Dancefloor

Where We're At

The Steel Yard Nightclub, Allhallows Lane, London EC4R 3UE


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