Morning Gloryville


Saturday March 30, 2019
9.00am - 1.00pm

Rave Rituals Saturday Rave

At Morning Gloryville, we love to Rave! This is our ritual, our righteous act of revolution.

We choose to do it differently, to do it our way. We saw a serious world on a destructive path; lost in a constant chase for MORE. The results were hard to bear, our environment was being polluted, our animals were dying; and our people were not experiencing the love they deserve. So we choose to act, to be the change!

We stand for LOVE and PEACE. Our war paint is glitter; Our uniforms are tight and sparkly; Our weapons are dancing and kindness.

These are our “Rave Rituals”:

  • A colourful dance floor full of wild acrobatics.
  • We are playful, it’s time to laugh our worries away.
  • Energising our bodies with nutritious activating ingredients.
  • Expressing all in our dance, going deeper in our yoga practice.
  • Being open to change, ever ready to adapt and evolve.

These are just the core of our living expression. We want to introduce you to a new way of life. So we invited wellness activation experts from many different paths, to share their playful and educational rituals with you.

The dance floor will be vibrant, more colourful and fun than ever before. There will be yoga, our reiki and a massage healing centres, superstar DJs, and glitter everywhere…

…But for those that are ready, we have created a secret room; consider it an enchanted gateway to mystical possibilities:

Here we will teach you the magical arts of our ancestors:

  • Rediscovered ancient secrets of the cosmos
  • How to honour your inner Witch and Wizard
  • Meet our Unicorns; experience the way they play
  • The Scientific Truths of Astrology, and how it relates to you
  • The power and purpose of Dreams

Dress code: Think about; ADVENTURE, going on a QUEST.

What do these things mean to you?

Our guidelines: ‘Indiana Jones’, ‘Lara Croft’, ‘Marco Polo’, ‘Roman Legionnaires and Explorers’, ‘Galileo and Greek philosophers’. Become the battle between “Avengers and Thanos”, who will prove worthy to own the infinity stones.

Arrive and leave any time between 9.00am and 1pm.

Little ones welcome. Please bring ear defenders as they’ll not be permitted to enter the main dancefloor area at The Steel Yard. We will have a limited amount of defenders for hire as well as  a good stock of foam earbuds.

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What You Get

Eco-glitter Transformation Station
Glitterlution Biodegradable Glitter✨
Free Hugs
Glory Wakeup Angels
Interactive Dance & Theatrics
Superfood Smoothie Bar
Tea & Coffee
Yummy Breakfast
Wakeup Massage Station
Yoga & Wellness Zone
Wellness & Refreshments Zone
Support Station
Girl Next Door Books
Heal yourself happier at our support station
Superstar DJs
Banging Dancefloor

Where We're At

The Steel Yard, Allhallows Lane, EC4R 3UE


4 min walk from Canon Street Station
5 min walk from Monument Station
6 min walk from Bank Station
11 min walk from London Bridge Station

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