Morning Gloryville

New York

So we’ve been a lil busy putting the dimples in golf balls, playing hacky sack (professionally), and surfing the waves brought on by the Eclipse and his homeboys, Blood Moon, Harvest Moon and Super Moon. We made time to refuel our glittertanks too.

How have you been? We’ve missed y’all a BUNCH!

And now we’re back baby!

Please join us for an *epic love and light-filled soul- revival* on Nov 11th
We thought it fitting to be back in our Temple of Love, aka
Judson Church, 55 Washington Square S.

:: MUSIC ::
Tavin (Electric Pickle/ Miami)

We’re overflowing with love and buzz! and can’t wait to drown you in sunshine and feelgoodfeelyfeel good vibes. 🙂

Lush treats and pampering are in store for you provided by our friends at ST IVES…
Big sexy beats will shake and lift and warm you out of your slumber and into shapes you never knew you could muster..
Delicious coffee and refreshing organic juices will fuel your ass..
Huge and heartfelt love, smiles and hugs will be distributed liberally (feel free to share)

Pumped! Can’t wait to see your beautiful faces!

. . .
Morning Gloryville offers:

* wake-up massage stations
* more love than you’ll find at your local unicorn ranch
* free yoga & Acro yoga (we provide the yoga mats)
* a superfood juice bar
* Delicious FREE coffee
* an incredible motivating dance team
* NYC’s most talented DJs
* A pumpin’ dance floor

Dress to sweat!

*ALL ages welcome*
Children under 12 come for FREE. Protective ear-gear is essential.

Special thanks to our friends St Ives who will be providing an awesome fresh fruit water refresh station so we can all #‎LiveRadiantly‬.

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