Morning Gloryville

Do you believe?


Do you believe?

Who believes we have the power to reimagine the world?

Who believes we should be questioning everything and finding new solutions. Finding new ways of doing things, even if they present challenges and take us out of our comfort zones.

2016 has been a crazy year. What do we do about it? We conjure up ways to take positive action. Creatively, openly and leading by example. The is why we launched our indiegogo project. We looked at what we wanted to do. We decided we needed to raise some funds to do so and we took a massive leap of faith.

‘The Gloryville Effect’ project is our way of taking positive action when the world needs it the most. It’s about taking matters that deeply hurt us into our own hands. It’s about inspiring grassroots movements and every-day people to lead the way.

We are raising funds to help us visit refugee camps, divided communities and poverty-stricken areas FOR FREE. We will spread smiles, cuddles, play, moments of joy, transformation and hope. We have projects shaping up in Malawi to Dunkirk. So so excited to be sharing more details of each of these over the next couple of weeks.

If you believe, join us. Please donate.



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