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Yo! Press!


Yo! Press!

We have had some really nice things written about us to support The Gloryville Effect campaign since its launch on November 16th. Yo!

Here are 3 shiny highlights:

TimeOut London 2.12.16

Has been letting its 250,000 Instagram followers know about our campaign here. 

They even went and made a lovely video about us on Facebook with 28,000 views so far, watch it here!

time out


Please donate on indiegogo page here
 Evening Standard 29.11.16


Totally over the moon to share this half-page business feature all about Morning Gloryville’s benefit to businesses.

This was in front of 900,000 eyeballs!


evening standard

To get a rave at your work place – contact us here


Business Insider 16.11.16

I went to a no-alcohol morning rave at the top of London’s Shard – and learned to appreciate sober clubbing

“The party at The Shard marks the launch of a new charitable initiative, #TheGloryvilleEffect, which aims to bring sober raves to poverty-stricken countries in the world, including Zimbabwe and Jordan, as well as “leaving behind tools or knowledge that will tangibly benefit each community that it visits.”

Read the full article here. See their photo gallery here.
Watch live video here – this has been watched 39,000 times!
business insider

Learn more about The Gloryville Effect campaign here

Thank you! xxx

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