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Zero Alcohol Awards 2016


Raves & Experiences
Fri 6th Aug MGV x Getahead LDN IN REAL LIFE! info & tickets
6-8th Aug MGV x Good Vibrations Society IRL! info & tickets
10-13th Sept MGV x Lovejam Campout info & tickets
Fri 17th Sept MGV x Velio Fest IN REAL LIFE! info & tickets
24-26th Sept MGV x Youphoria Festival info & tickets

Recent Events
Sat 31st Jul MGV x Curious Club COVENTRY IRL! info & tickets
Mon 26th Jul Vinyasa Yoga & Full Moon Meditation info & tickets
Wed 7th Jul Yin Yoga & New Moon Meditation info & tickets
Fri 25th Jun Sunrise Disco Yoga info & tickets
Wed 23rd Jun Yin Yoga & New Moon Meditation info & tickets
Sat 26th Jun Bristol MicroRave IN REAL LIFE! info & tickets
Sat 15th May Soho in the 80's Evening Rave info & tickets
Fri 30th April Sunrise Disco Yoga Flow info & tickets
Sat 17th April Spice Up the 90's Rave info & tickets
Sat 20th Mar Back to the 80's Equinox Rave info & tickets

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