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Zero Alcohol Awards 2016


Raves & Experiences
Fri 28th Jun 2024 Gloryville Evening Sessions at Trafford Palazzo Family Fest info & tickets

Recent Events
Sun 19th Nov 2023 LDN, Fall Back in Love with &Soul info & tickets
Sat 22nd Jul 2023 LDN, Lionesses Rave and Roar info & tickets
Fri 7th Apr 2023 LDN, Spirit Liberation Workshop info & tickets
Tues 1st Nov 2022 ONLINE, Self-love Tuesdays info & tickets
Tues 8th Nov 2022 ONLINE, Full Moon Workshop info & tickets
Tues 25th Oct 2022 ONLINE, New Moon Workshop info & tickets
Sun 9th Oct 2022 LVP, Raverpool info & tickets
Sat 1st Oct 2022 LDN, Addictive Beat info & tickets
Sun 3rd Jul 2022 LDN, Here Comes the Sun Rave info & tickets
Sun 8th May 2022 BST, Shake Up Rave info & tickets
Sun 24th Apr 2022 LDN, Earthrise Calling Rave info & tickets
Sat 9th Apr 2022 IBIZA, Warm Up Experience info & tickets
Thu 7th Apr 2022 LDN, MGV x Atomic Kirtan info & tickets
Fri 18th Feb 2022 LDN, MGV x Atomic Kirtan info & tickets
Fri 11th Feb 2022 ONLINE, MGV Sunset Disco Yoga info & tickets
Sat 1st Jan 2022 ONLINE, This Earth New Year's Day Rave info & tickets
Sun 28th Nov LDN, Galactic Vacation Rave info & tickets
Sun 24th Oct LDN, UNITY Rave info & tickets
Sun 17th Oct LDN, Re-set Wellness Retreat info & tickets
10-13th Sept ES, MGV x Lovejam Campout info & tickets

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