Morning Gloryville


Wednesday January 1, 2020
9.00am - 3.00pm

Alignment 2020
New Year’s Day Rave


In order to evolve we must become the change we want to see in this world

Our New Year’s Day party will give us all a chance to collectively say a beautiful farewell to 2019 and a big fat juicy hello to 2020!

We intend to facilitate a 2020 alignment and hold space, where you can all realise your intentions for the new year. No more new year’s resolutions! We have and will always know what is to be done. This is a place for us to give thanks to ourselves for being so perfectly imperfect and align ourselves to our true purpose.

We will open the Rave with a fun connection circle and musical games led by one of our Star DJs’ Pixie Pete and Neil Greenwood. Then Pixie Pete will go on to DJ with some funky bass lines, wobbly beats and good old classic remixes, accompanied by live percussion.

Later we will welcome back our Star DJs Joshua Roberts and Macro Loco. As we enter a new decade, their set will focus on pure good vibes with lots of new music and a couple of classics thrown in for good measure! The music style will range from funk and disco through to positive playful house music. Let’s bring in this magical new era with a smile. Not only will Josh bring his traditional drum inspired DJ style to his set, he will also add a special performance celebration to bring Marco’s performance to a spectacular finale.

Wellness Space : Be the Change

Teaching the art of Mindful Living

We will introduce a new educational element. Meditation and Mindfulness workshops styled around personal initiatives, that we can incorporate into our daily rituals to help bring more health and happiness to our own lives.

  • The Power of Breathwork
  • Grow your own organic vegetable gardens and allotments
  • Womb Wonder : Sacred body, fertility and cycles of nature

MGV Loves Yoga!

Let’s start the year with a full mind, body, spirit activation. There will be a New Year alignment yoga class that starts at 9:30am in our Wellness space. We will breathe and connect deeply with ourselves and one another to align with the flow of our full creative potential.

Creative Education Station…Kids are our future let’s teach them well

Hooping Workshops

Arts & Crafts Play Zone

Psychic School : Learn about managing energy

Join our “Dry Jan” Club

Let’s all gather in community and support each other through a sober January. We will host a whole month of fun Sober activities, such as “Alcohol-Free” cocktail parties, Yoga events, Workshops and Ceremonies.

We will host an activity workshop, talking through the benefits of a sober lifestyle. Introducing you to your sober tribe, we will set up intentions, and practices to stay on course through the month, or even the whole year, for the bold.

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What You Get

Eco-glitter Transformation Station
Biodegradable Glitter✨
Free Hugs
Glory Wakeup Angels
Interactive Dance & Theatrics
Superfood Smoothie Bar
Tea & Coffee
Yummy Food All Day
Massage Station
Yoga & Wellness Zone
Wellness & Refreshments Zone
Support Station
Girl Next Door Books
Heal yourself happier at our support station
Superstar DJs
Banging Dancefloor

Where We're At

The Steel Yard Nightclub, Allhallows Lane, London EC4R 3UE


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