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Christina Leorosa RoseTessla Venus GoodwinAshley LoronaMichael Coyoti Beerley

My vision is to help others achieve their dreams by empowering them with confidence through the power of dance!


Christina Rose has been producing events and festivals and producers, she also DJs and performs under the name Christina Leorosa. She is the founding Project Manager, Musical Director, and Resident DJ of Morning Gloryville Los Angeles. Christina also has a residency at Palm Tree in Los Angeles, she is a member/Resident DJ of The Blackbird Squadron, and she also co-produces an interactive arts and music festival called Freeform Arts Festival on the East Coast.on the east and west coasts for the past five years. In addition to establishing The Athena Collective, an international all women’s networking and performance platform for DJs

Hot Tip:

“The worst mistake you can make is thinking you are alive when really you’re asleep in life’s waiting room” (Waking Life)



For every single detail to be beautiful and for people to be inspired and comfortable to dress in whatever way makes them feel like their true selves.


Tessla Venus Goodwin has a deep love and appreciation for all things beautiful and sparkly.
She graduated from USC in 2013 with a degree in Public Relations and Visual Culture. While working at a few different fashion brands, she found herself being most inspired by the fashion and culture she experienced at festivals. Her soul was truly set on fire after working as the decorator for a boutique festival at a magical desert oasis. She set off to combine her love for beauty, fashion and festivals and pursue a career as a vendor coordinator. She hopes to use Morning Gloryville as a platform to connect local up-and-coming companies with people that will benefit from their offerings.

Hot Tip:

Magic is real!


Ashley Lorona constantly seeks the new and exciting. Since being completely moved by her first transformational festival in 2008, she has fully immersed herself in dance music and its culture. Through artist relations work at events and festivals she has been working diligently to spread its sound. She truly believes in music as medicine and finds great joy and purpose in taking care of the people who create it. Ashley is honored to be the talent buyer and artist liaison for Morning Gloryville Los Angeles. She plans on using the opportunity to showcase some of the festival world’s best performers in a unique morning party setting, because if they can’t get us out of the bed and moving, who can?


Michael aka “Coyoti” is a man of many talents. From metal fabricator and art car builder to DJ, he is the owner/operator and Resident DJ of The Blackbird Bus, and a Founder of Freeform Arts Festival. Coyoti is also the Site Ops Producer of Morning Gloryville and one of our resident DJs.

Special Thanks

We're nothing without our team, give them a hug!

To all of those who have been supporting us along this journey so far! Caitlin from Morning Gloryville HQ, McKenzie and Rachel from MGSF, all of our friends and family, and the growing participants we have in Los Angeles.

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