Morning Gloryville


Saturday May 30, 2020
7:00 - 11:30

Morning Gloryville Manchester – Episode 13 – CARNIVAL!

After a hugely successful first event, we’re back for the second instalment of Manchester’s 2019 Morning Gloryville on Sat 17th August. We’re continuing the party at Hatch, Oxford Rd underneath the apt Mancunian Way, with its magical indoor and outdoor spaces…

And this time we’re celebrating the many wonders of CARNIVAL!

Carnivals are prevalent across many cultures and traditions with one overarching intention…
to set aside everyday individuality and experience a heightened sense of social community through extravagant outfits, dance, food & entertainment … and that’s our kind of party!

We once again invite you to join us for a morning of high energy music, a range of yoga classes, morning massage & energy healing, healthy food & organic treats , entertainment and a dancefloor for you to let go and be free with no judgement.

Come as you are… because we love YOU!

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We'll send you joining instructions to our online rave after you register

More information is on the ticket page - and check your email (and spam folder!) on Friday night - we also send out the joining links one hour before the rave


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