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We just had a our ‘Summer of Love’ party on the 22nd February (and raised nearly $1400 for the Marriage Equality movement in Australia). We’ve not confirmed our next date yet – but if you like our Main Facebook page or click on the little envelope above and sign up to our Mailing List, you’ll be the first person to know when we have our next party!

Morning Gloryville is the original morning dance party. We are the pioneers of sober morning raving – responsible for bringing conscious clubbing to the world stage! Morning Gloryville starts at 6.30am and ends 10.00am and offers inspirational, energising music and mesmerising visual entertainment as well as free massage, organic coffee, a juice bar, yoga and personal motivation from trained and costumed performers.

Terms & Conditions

Whether you’re a gym bunny, festival fiend, city slicker, groovin’ grandma or dancefloor demon – this party is for you. Bring your friends, colleagues, family, kids (with ear defenders please) – this party is open for absolutely everyone. No discrimination, no attitudes. Just love and great tunes!

No ticket refunds available, name changes permitted till 24 hrs pre event.

Glory Agents

Eddie Fantastick

I REALLY like pegs.

Hot Tip:

Want something? Just ask - the worse someone can say is No….and then you know to go find that person who’ll say HELL YEAH!

Special Thanks

We're nothing without our team, give them a hug!

To all our bRavers who’ve hit the d-floor with us so far, the DJs who’ve inspired serious shape-throwing, our amazing Glory Agents who help our events run so smoothly, our yogis who’ve bent over backwards to help us align, our bodyworkers who iron out our creases and to all the coffee-brewing, smoothie-blending, vitamin-pushing allstars who fuel our fires!


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