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London – West

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★::: Our Flab-Ulous, DJ’s, Music & Entertainment Line Up :::★

Only the Best Uplifting DJ’s & Performances

With MC Angel our motivational MC to make sure you rock it right!


Dance & Performance, Live Drumming, Hula Hooping, Unicorns, games and surprises.
+ Lots More


~ lots of hugs from our Wake-Up Angels ~
~ a yoga zone ~
~ a free wake-up massage station ~
~ a superfood smoothie bar ~
~ a coffee kiosk ~
~ a motivational dance team ~
Superstar DJ’s

Free Biodegradable Glitter from – Glitterlution ✨

and, most importantly, A BANGING DANCE FLOOR!

Wellness Zone

~ Superfood Smoothies & Snacks by Bain-Marie
~ Kombucha by Kitty’s Kombucha
~ Energising Caco froYummy Me Chocolates
~ Coffee & Tea by Westbank Music ☕️
~ Free Awesome Yoga
~ Soothoing Massage

 How it went down

‘We promise to wake you up like you’ve never been woken up before’

‘Saturday mornings are the NEW Friday night’

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Check out how it we roll in West London on the Weekend


Glory Agents


Equality, happiness and abundance for all living creatues


I eat and make copius amounts of raw chocolate

Hot Tip:

Embrace your inner freak. The only thing you'll really regret is in denying who you really are.


Special Thanks

We're nothing without our team, give them a hug!

Laura Steel - Theatrics - Jonty Fin - Djembe Player -
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