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Guest Shine – Lorraine


Guest Shine – Lorraine

Please welcome our first guest SHINE blogger, Lorraine, with a few tips for approaching the New Year.

Since a couple of years back, I’ve made a little tradition for myself. It’s to take the age old saying of ‘start as you mean to go on’ and literally plonk it at the beginning of the year. As tough as it can be to peel ourselves out of bed come 1st January, I always feel as if it’s potentially the most important day of the year to take a look at what you’re saying ‘yes!’ to.

We are the creators of our own reality, right? More than we know, our positive minds make positive vibes make positive tribes. You only have to take a peek and pop a precious toe on our beloved Morning Gloryville dance floor to feel the ripple of #thegloryvilleffect to see this in action.

I’ve another mantra I stick to, this time self proclaimed, and this is ‘the intention is in the action’. As much as I’m big into dreaming up a delicious and harmonious world for me and my fellow earth wanderers, igniting my chakras with the energetic powerhouses of our cosmos, galloping around a fire in remembrance of my witchy roots, I like to actually ‘do’ it. We can set our intentions, make our plans and adapt our thought patterns, but sometimes we don’t always get around to that. Life gets in the way, big time. So, to save myself from feeling like I’ve a ritual to-do list, I’ll make sure that if I want to call in more self love, I’ll spend the evening treating and nourishing myself (chocolate, bath run, smooth grooves, massage, the lot!), creativity, I’ll get cracking on with it, community, I’ll surround myself with those people I love or the most, or actually reach out to those I want to connect more with. I’ll actively behave and live my life in a way that gets my body, mind, spirit and soul saying ‘oooh yes!’

As lovely as this festive time of year is to get together with our loved ones to celebrate the good things, it can leave us rather in a frazzle come new year. Which is why getting yourself booked on to the Relax and Renew Mini Retreat is one of those choices we can make NOW to get us ready to call in the new year in a way that really honours the absolutely incredible human being that you are. If you’re wanting to call in trying out new experiences, more dance, more connection, more love, more balance, more fun, then this day of lushness is sure to tick all of those boxes. What’s more, you’ll be in a space with a handful of other delicious souls doing the same thing. Through meditating, moving the body, breathing, sharing wisdom, and give yourself your divine attention, this multiplies the magic, gets it seen and heard and reflected, this in turn makes more magic and gives more oomph to YOUR intentions and YOUR actions. So by popping your donation in for the Relax and Renew mini retreat, you’re actually already setting an intention for a fabulous year ahead…

I personally wish to say ‘yes’ to continuing creating beautiful experiences to truly nourish themselves and get in touch with their unique truth, and I know that by getting the year off sharing this space with you will be just the ticket.
Lorraine is currently offering this very special retreat as a perk on The Gloryville Effect indiegogo campaign. Book your place on the Relax and Renew Mini Retreat here.
Ask Lorraine a question here.
Thank you Lorraine – we for one, can’t wait!
(Photo above is of Lorraine. Photography credit – JasonĀ Alfred-Palmer)

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