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10-11am Ann-Louise Holland astrology

Find Your Soul Purpose Destiny Point with Venus And Vesta. Do you know we all have a destiny point, a ‘North Star’ homing device in our horoscope that maps out the earthly mission we have in this lifetime?
Shamanic Homeopath & Astrologer Venus & Vesta unlocks the key to the North Node karma, the SOUL PURPOSE inherent in our personal horoscope, so we may better understand where we are going and why. Find out your personal North Node and what it is telling you in this Hour session with Venus And Vesta which also opens the door on the South Node and why you might still be re-living the energy patterns of past lives. It will help to have your birth date when booking but is not essential as personal North Node information will be given at the time. Find @venusandvesta on FB/IG

11-12pm Francesca Seclonovo sound healing

Francesca has always been curious about the mysteries of the unknown, ancient methods of our ancestors and all things holistic living. Deep transformational shifts began when she travelled across to South East Asia at the end of 2017 while grieving from the death of someone dear. Travelling for 6 month solo led her towards the practise of yoga, Vipassana and lastly ancient practise of Sound Healing.
The ancient practise of Sound Healing highlights the many benefits we are able to experience simply by slowing down. The importance to give ourselves the time to simply be and feel without judgement or expectation. Francesca holds a safe and sacred space for you to simply BE, feel, dive deeper into self exploration, healing and transformation.

12pm-1pm S33d Life (Seed Library) Q&A

S33D is a marriage between the ancient and modern worlds – “a living trade canvas of ancient DNA encoded with cryptographic precision”, providing a toolbox for us to reconnect with our origins through trade, education, and localised community curation. How the dream to grow a globally distributed seed and story library is beginning to germinate. We talk about our recent journeys in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Colombia, an area the local ingenious people call the heart of the world, and open the conversation for you to share your stories and questions around origins, water and the plants that have and continue to help humanity thrive.

1pm-2pm Gabriella Weekes Full Moon in Scorpio Ritual

Working with the phases of the moon and Goddess energy, Gabriella will guide you through a ritual to harness the power of the Full Moon In Scorpio on May 18th, helping you to release anything that no longer serves you. This will help to create space for new blessings to enter your life in the following weeks.
The full moon is a great time to recharge our spirit and to enhance our energy. Scorpio is all about the subconscious, our desires, motivations and aspirations. By working with these parts of ourselves and showing them love, we are literally create magic and healing.

2pm-3pm Chakra Cleanse with Dirish Shaktidas

Rejuvenate, let go, feel fresh and ‘Chakra Cleanse!’ The Chakra System is an ancient map detailing the seven primary energy centres and the five elements of the body-mind-spirit. This workshop is designed to clear out your energy centres, with the intention to give you a radiant body re-boost! Expect yoga flow, movement, sound and meditation. Open to all levels.

3pm-4pm Laura Lamn Ayahuasca talk and performance

Ayahuasca medicine has been used since ancient times to heal the people of this earth. Now she is re-emerging from the jungle to assist modern humans. Many people turn to this sacred plant to help with addiction, depression, anxiety, stress and burn out and many are being healed. Laura considers herself very lucky to have been radically transformed by this controversial medicine. In this talk she will share her captivating journey with you, using poetry, storytelling and song.


4pm-5pm Rachael Morley Shamanic Drum journey and healing circle

The sound of the drum is one of the most raw and authentic connections to our primal selves. Drum circles have been shared in many different ancient cultures to journey within and heal. The deepest vibrations and sounds of the drum we encounter can awaken and spark that natural primal force that lives inside each of us. Join Rachael on a soul journey of sound guided by the beat of a medicine drum connecting you to the divine and your true self.

5pm-6pm Antarma’s Meditation Celebration

Antarma’s music spreads joy and uplifting energy. Heart opening songs on guitar, Ecstatic Afro Brazilian Djembe Rhythms, Soul, Reggae and Hiphop. Opening with Mantra meditation and Universal Peace prayer, the Session continues with interactive Heart and Voice expanding songs with delicate guitar, and rising up to Ecstatic dance to Afro Brazilian rhythms on Djembe. He has been on the path of Meditation for 18 years, learning with Masters from Indian, Amazonian, Sufi and African Brasilian Sacred Traditions. Antarma has over 10 years experience teaching Djembe Drumming, Mantra Meditation, Guitar and Kids Yoga.

Reiki with Inner Flow Zone : 30mins relaxing full body treatment

Full body treatment given on a treatment couch in a quiet treatment room on site in the afternoon. Please book a double 30min slot for a full hour treatment if you would like extra time with us.

It is essential that you contact Inner Flow Zone after booking to confirm a specific time slot for your treatment.  Please email enquiries@innerflowzone. com, thank you

2pm – 3pm : Half hour slots available at a cost of £30 for 30 mins.

4.30pm – 6pm : Half hour slots available at a cost of £30 for 30 mins.

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